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Our Fish

Aquagrow International farms 3 types of fish namely the Grouper, Red Snapper and Barramundi (Sea Bass). We have been told that our fish tastes better.

Our Markets

Aquagrow International has been supplying grouper, red snapper and barramundi fish fry / fingerlings and full grown fish to our customers for decades. Live fish transport can be challenging and only the seasoned providers such as Aquagrow International can ensure that the fish are safe. Aquagrow International provides fish fry for export to South East Asia and to the Middle East. 

Our secret is in our aquaculture fish farming approach. We treasure the environment. Our farms are in some of the best waters found anywhere in the world; Langkawi Island. A visit to the farm have made initial non-believers our greatest supporters.  The fish produced “lack” the fishy taste as our farms are in clean sea waters as deep as 20 metres and constant sea current. There is always fresh sea water circulating within our farms enriched with oxygen which promotes the fish quality.

Together with the Aquagrow Advantage, an average of 75% yield from customers’ farms and our farms known to be one of the highest in the industry. The Aquagrow Advantage is a synergy between knowledge, expertise, monitoring, traceability, operations, technology and innovation towards producing fresh, tastier and top quality fish year round.

Our farms are designed for aquaculture sustainability and greatly reducing the environmental footprint.

Hybrid Grouper

Grouper is a sweet, lean, moist fish with a distinctive yet mild flavour, large flakes and a firm texture. They tend to be highly prized food fish especially at seafood restaurants and is enjoyed by everyone. Young and old, male and female, westerners and asians, mouths will water at the very sight, smell and taste of the grouper. In Asia, groupers are frequently prepared steamed to preserve it’s sweet natural taste. Some of the dishes include Hong Kong Style Steamed Grouper, Teow Chew Style Steamed Grouper, Soy Sauce Steamed Grouper, to name a few.

Hybrid grouper is a new type of grouper. The first hybrid grouper is cross-bred by researches from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Malaysia, in collaboration among researchers of the Borneo Marine Research Institute of UMS, the Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) and Kinki University of Japan, represented by Prof. Dr Shigeharu Senoo of UMS.

Red Snapper

Red snapper is only one among hundreds of snapper species that are named after their “snapping” teeth. Red Snapper has a gentle, sweet and nutty flavor. The fish is lean, moist and with a firm texture. Such combination makes it perfect for both mild and intense seasoning, which means you can use it to make whichever dish you like. The raw flesh of Red Snapper is pale pink with yellow streaks, while its skin is deep red. As you cook the fish, the color will become lighter, but never completely white.

Barramundi (Sea Bass)

Barramundi’s clean, creaminess (almost buttery) flavor and meaty texture appeals to just about everyone—even non-fish lovers call it a favorite! With a similar taste to grouper and halibut, it’s a sustainable substitute for some of the most popular overfished white fish. Barramundi has flesh which is a pearly-pink when raw and white when cooked. The flesh has only a few bones which are large and easy to remove. Smaller Barramundi have a milder taste than larger ones. The skin is also edible and crisps up nicely when fried.