Mohamed Razali Mohamed

Chief Executive Officer

Razali has 20 years of experience in aquaculture industry. He starts his career in aquaculture by investing in a RAS Barramundi Hatchery in Adelaide, Australia and is now a co-owner of Aquagrow International and Malaysian Seafood Trading Corporation – all based in Kuala Lumpur. Razali is also the Deputy President of the Marine Fish Farmers Association Malaysia ( and advisor to UCSI Kuala Lumpur, the largest private university in Malaysia. Aquagrow International currently operates a hatchery in Johor and developing 2 world-class off shore mariculture fish farm in Langkawi and Tok Bali. Each farm is fully integrated with a hatchery, nursery, pre-growout, and off-shore sea cages in the sea. Razali is a firm believer of sustainable aquaculture and fisheries practice and an active participant of regional programs for conservation initiatives.