Fry Supply

Hatchery / Nursery

The fish eggs  are carefully incubated and hatched in our nursery. Over the course of their first month, the fry and fingerlings are graded and selected for a minimum of three times to insure that only the highest performing fingerlings reach our customers. 

Our precision grading methods create highly uniform sizes ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches-. In addition to these graded sizes, larger fingerlings are available as well upon request.

Aquagrow International provides live fish finglerlings to South East Asia and the Middle East.

Health Inspections

Aquagrow International prides itself in its live fish inspection standards.

Our experienced team follow our protocols very closely and work very closely to independent and credible laboratories.  The protocols applied is to the detection of various harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Our diagnostic track record is evidence that our facility is free of these pathogens.  This rigorous testing is expensive – prohibitively so for small hatcheries, which oftentimes must resort to an inexpensive “veterinary inspection” involving a visual-only inspection performed by a veterinarian who may know little about specific aquatic animals in each farm and who is incapable of detecting a dangerous pathogen.  

The importance of avoiding disease, not just controlling it, is even more critical in intensive aquaculture, and more so if recirculating aquaculture systems are utilised.  Significant diseases can occur when significant pathogens already exist in the system, or are introduced through contaminated fish, water, or personnel.

Aquagrow International’s loyal and successful customer base relies on our discriminating practices and the health of our fish to succeed.