Design and Fabrication of Offshore Sea Cages

Aquagrow International provides design and fabricating services for HDPE offshore sea cages, net moorings

With its team of highly knowledgeable experts and vast real-world experience, Aquagrow International designs the HDPE offshore sea cages, net moorings based on each farm. No two farms are the same. Each region, country and continent would require different designs to accommodate the weather, environment, water quality, expertise, technology, etc. Merely “Copy and Pasting” from farms seen at other locations can be and has more times than not been a recipe for investment loss. Aquagrow International’s approach to farm design is to first understand its customers’ business objectives, understand the proposed site’s parameters and only then will we come out with a design that best suit.

Amongst the services offered include:-

  • Site Assessment
  • System and Facility Design
  • Hatchery, Nursery, and Grow-out Design
  • Equipment Selection
  • Project Startup
  • Operational Protocol
  • Operations Support and Troubleshooting
  • Production Planning
  • Staff Training

Aquagrow International has provided its HDPE offshore sea cage design and construction services primarily to South East Asia and the Middle East.

Rest assured, with Aquagrow International’s design and construction services, the aquaculture entrepreneurs would be able to invest in the best suited HDPE offshore sea cages for its ecosystem. This method greatly reduces business and operational risk and reduces environmental footprint whilst providing sustainable aquaculture. This same approach has proven time after time increasing efficiency and profitability for Aquagrow International’s customers.