Andrew Leingang

Hatchery and Growout

Andrew Leingang holds a B.Sc. Marine Biology (cum laude), from Nicholls State University, Louisiana USA. He has had 45 years in the International Aquaculture Industry, in USA, Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. As the Hatchery and Growout Advisor to Aquagrow International, Andrew brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in broodstock, fry production, pre-growout and growout. Andrew is a specialist in the commercial production of the many marine fish species. Andrew has a proven track record from his past being able to clearly identify farm production bottlenecks and inefficiencies. What’s more important, he provides innovative and up-to-date solutions that solve these challenges, creating higher survival rates and yields for each farm. He can also provide training to upskill farm managers and technicians.