Sustainable Fish Farming

Research & Development Project Title:

Sustainable Fish Farming Through Modern Aquaculture Methods


Project Overview:

Bacterial disease is the major cause for significant loses in aquaculture activities. When high levels of aquaculture activities occur, the risk of disease outbreak will also increase. As a prevention, antibiotics and chemotherapeutant have been used to prevent such outbreaks. Nevertheless, the negative impact and emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has led to new research of therapeutic agents. The focus of this research is to find an alternative to antimicrobial agents by using natural products in fish disease control. This project aims to determine the possibility of Piper Betle (Daun Sireh) extract to replace the usage of antibiotic.

Research Partner:

  1. National Fish Health Research Centre (NaFisH)
  2. Fisheries Research Institute Tanjung Demong

Current Status:

Project Design & Development Phase