Copepod Culture Techniques

Research & Development Project Title:

Developing Copepod Culture Techniques For Intensive Larviculture Production


Project Overview:

Copepods are small crustacean found in abundance in the wild and are natural source of live feed for fish frys in the wild. Copepods has been suggested as a vital link in the marine larviculture feed chain by various scientific articles and may solve the high mortalities of marine larviculture phase in aquaculture hatcheries. The benefits of using copepods include high nutritional value, high digestibility and smaller size in comparison to rotifers and Artemia and the movement patterns which trigger a strong feeding response in fish larvae. However despite these advantages, copepods have not been widely used due to problems of culturing copepods effectively and at high densities.

Project Goals:

  1. Isolation of Specific Strain of Copepod For Mass Culture of Local Strain Copepod
  2. Successful Mass Production of Copepod For Larviculture
  3. Aim To be the FIRST SUCCESSFUL High Intensity Production Of Copepod Culture In South East Asia Region

Research Partner:

  1. Malaysian Biotech Corporation
  2. DHI Group
  3. Department of Fisheries, Malaysia

Current Status:

Project Design Phase