Broodstock Enhancement Program

Research & Development Project Title:

Broodstock Enhancement Programs of Marine Fish For Aquaculture


Project Overview:

Managing broodstock genetic diversity is an important component in the aquaculture industry as these fishes are the source of fish fry. Genetic selection using DNA marker allows fish farmers to control the quality of frys, select the desirable traits needed such as fast growth and reduce the percentage of undesirable traits such as deformity in fish frys.

The other important aspect of the broodstock enhancement program is to maintain genetic diversity of the fish species and preventing the occurrence of in-breeding of broodstock. Realising the long term implication of broodstock management, Aquagrow Corporation has embarked on a broodstock enhancement program to collect, review, identify desirable traits from wild and farmed broodstock and maintain a large genetic pool and genetic diversity of fish for future use.

This program will affect not only our company but will benefit the Malaysian aquaculture industry and Aquagrow Corporation is proud to be involved in this program.

Research Partner:

  1. Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (MOSTI)
  2. Department of Fisheries, Malaysia

Current Status:

Identifying Genetic Solution Partners for Collaboration