Aquaculture Sensor Technology & Management Software

Research & Development Project Title:

Developing home-grown aquaculture sensor technology and management software


Project Overview:

Sensor technology functions to record critical water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, Total Ammonia Nitrogen, pH and temperature. By monitoring and controlling the changes of the said parameters, a fish farmer can reduce mortalities associated with stress and allow faster growth of fish especially in marine hatchery and nursery conditions.

This project proposes the use of an Integrated Aquaculture Intelligent Solution (IAIS) which consists of multi-parameter sensors that include Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and pH sensor, a Smart Water Quality Parameter Controller and a Remote Communication Gateway. These devices work harmoniously to collect data from the field, relay them seamlessly to a central receiver unit which will interpret the raw data, and display them in a graphical user interface for end users to make decisions promptly.

Research Partner:

  1. Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems (MIMOS)
  2. Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (MOSTI)
  3. MU Softmedia Sdn. Bhd.
  4. Department of Fisheries, Malaysia

Current Status:

Project Design & Development Phase