Grow Out Consultant

Phan Duc Phuong

Grow Out Consultant
Aquagrow Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Phuong, a Vietnamese aged 34, joined Aquagrow in 2011 as the Growout Manager and is currently a Growout Consultant of the Aquagrow Group.

He started his career with the Research Institute for Aquaculture (RIA), in Vietnam as a Researcher focusing on Marine Fish Diseases from 2003 to 2005 and later joined Marine Farms ASA Vietnam, a Norwegian fish farming conglomerate, where he is responsible for production planning and management.

He has accumulated extensive knowledge on planning and practical operation / management of marine fish farming in sea cages in tropical climate. He has been involved since the pioneer days of cobia farming in Vietnam thus knowing both simple small-scale and advanced European farming approaches.

He has an ability to design and build a Norwegian-standard ocean sea site system for fish farming using GPS for management of anchor mooring coordinates. He has good planning and budgeting abilities and good understanding of efficient manpower and material utilization. Furthermore, he is accurate and timely in reporting using word processor and excel spread sheets in an integrated reporting system.

Through his working experience with Marine Farm ASA, he has accumulated experience in working with different cultural approaches and dealt with the marketing requirements of different export markets (EU, Japan, USA and Taiwan).

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aquaculture from Ha Noi University of Agriculture, Vietnam in cooperation with Asia Institute of Technology and a Fishery Basic Program from Nha Trang University of Fishery, Vietnam.

He has attended and completed a number of technical courses namely Grouper Hatchery Seed Production, General Boat Sailing, First Aid and Safety Course for Fish Farming and Scuba Diving – Advance open water, down to 32m depth.