General Manager

Nicolas Bruno Eugene Marie Mace

General Manager
Aquagrow Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Nicolas, a French aged 34, is the General Manager for the Aquagrow Group. His key responsibilities include production planning and management of the hatchery operations, fry production, live feed production, algae culture and larviculture, and fish growout in the open sea cages.

He has accumulated a wide experience of marine hatcheries in Reunion Island, France and in Arno Bay, South Australia before joining Aquagrow in 2011. His experiences and involvements included R&D of rearing protocols for new species, fingerlings production, live feed production, algae culture, larviculture in medium and large scale, recirculating systems development project, international training project and scientific support to Aquaculture industry.

Species reared include cobia, red drum, sea bream, seriola, grouper, yellow tail kingfish and southern bluefin tuna.

He holds a Master Degree in Aquaculture from the University of Sciences, Montpellier and Institute of Sea Technology, Cherbourg, France. He also holds BETC Higher National Diploma in water treatment and hydraulic from The Institute of Natural and Agronomy Sciences of Bordeaux, France and BETC Higher National Diploma in Aquaculture from St Christophe High School, France.