Chief Operating Officer

Haji Hussin bin Mat Ali

Chief Operating Officer
Aquagrow Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Haji Hussin, a Malaysian aged 56, is the COO of the Aquagrow Group. He has overall responsibility for the daily operations of the fish farming activities which include production planning and quality controls of all the hatcheries and grow-out farms in Langkawi Island, Kedah and Tok Bali, Kelantan.

He has devoted more than 30 years of his career with the Department of Fisheries (“DOF”), Malaysia in-charge of various departments including R&D of multi species marine finfish hatcheries, and prawn breeding and grow-out. His last position with the DOF Malaysia was as Director of Marine Aquaculture Research Division in the Fisheries Research Institute (“FRI”) where he took charge of 4 Aquaculture research centers throughout Malaysia for both marine and freshwater aquaculture species.

Haji Hussin has very strong technical knowledge and experience in rearing marine finfish, crustaceans, mollusks, invertebrates and seaweeds. Marine finfish that he has reared include Seabass, Mangrove Red Snapper, Crimson Snapper, John Snapper, Spotted Snapper, Tiger Grouper, Green Grouper, Giant Grouper, Hybrid Grouper, Golden Pompano and Red Drum.

He holds a Master’s of Science in Aquaculture from Universiti Putra Malaysia and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Genetics from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.