Grow Out

High quality premium fish are grown in the pristine waters of Langkawi, Kedah & Tok Bali Kelantan to ensure sustainable aquaculture practice. To ensure the production of high quality fish product which meets local and international food quality standards and allowing fish products to be exported to foreign markets with strict food safety standards. The farms in Langkawi, Kedah and Tok Bali, Kelantan are currently undergoing Quality and Certification Program for European Food Safety Standard based on certification by Friends of the Sea, GlobalGap, Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Malaysia’s own MyGAP.

Aquagrow is also heavily involved in utilizing modern farming techniques such as Marine Fish Vaccination Programs and R&D of Cage Fabrication using alternative fabrication materials. Since traditional wooden fish cages has several limitations in terms of structural integrity & the limited placement of culture cages in secluded areas away from strong winds and waves. Aquagrow is the first company in Malaysia to custom build and use HDPE fish cages for the culture of marine fish in the open sea. Adapted from technologies of Norway’s own Salmon Cage Fish Farms, these HDPE cages are built to withstand strong waves and allow Aquagrow to fully utilize the open seas of South China Sea & Andaman Sea to grow high quality marine fish product. The expansion of sustainable intensification marine finfish farming into open sea area using cutting edge cage culture technology which is less sensitive to pollution and environmental degradation is one of the solutions to achieve current and future national aquaculture production targets and international markets which is never achieve before.